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2017 Iowa Summer Writing Festival/ June 24-30


Manuscript Reviews and Mentoring

I offer manuscript reviews and mentoring for poets of several different levels. Approximate costs for close reading and substantive critique for a 60-page manuscript is $450 (see rates below). In all manuscript reviews, you’ll receive detailed comments on the manuscript. A full-length manuscript consultation also includes a one hour conversation by phone, internet or in person about your work. Custom contracts are also available for smaller projects or particular services, arranged according to your needs.


Rates/Available Services:

  • Response to a group of poems (up to 15 pages) once or as an ongoing project; $150
  • Chapbook manuscript refinement, editing, arrangement; $250
  • Full length book; arrangement only; $250
  • Full length book; arrangement and line editing; $450


Praise for Juliet Patterson’s manuscript reviews:

For me the pleasure of writing includes feedback from a trusted reader. Juliet Patterson is a breathtaking reader. She sees into a poem. She becomes its champion. How fortunate I’ve been to have the benefit of her insights and suggestions. The range of her poetic knowledge is exceptional. She’s been able to tune into a poem’s unique voice, while also holding an overall perspective on issues such as timing and coherence. I recommend her services as a teacher and coach, without reservation.”

Juliet Patterson is a gifted teacher. She has a unique ability to see into the work, make interventions, and never impose herself on the writer. She is unfailingly kind and unflinchingly challenging.”

” I have worked with Juliet Patterson in a formal, academic setting and in a less structured, independent context. In both situations, Juliet excels as a guide and mentor. I can attest to her abilities as thinker, poet, writer, editor, and teacher. As a long time professional educator myself, I’ve come to recognize engaging, productive, learner-centered instruction when I experience it. Juliet has helped me grow and develop in ways I can only describe in a poem. I count myself charmed by the universe to work with her.”

Juliet possesses tremendous technical skill, is well read and has always provided me with challenging ideas and comments in regard to my own work. I highly recommend her as a teacher.”

Free estimates based on sample poems or book manuscript.

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