In Juliet Patterson’s sure-footed aesthetic the intellectual, physical and spiritual are woven together—the result is a world saturated by the human mind, and a mind saturated by the world. – Jane Mead

“Juliet Patterson’s poems are entirely themselves, they use time and the eye and the tongue—all the body, as thought and insight, inside and outside of history.” – Jean Valentine


Threnody (Nightboat Books, October 2016)


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 “Whether it’s the innumerable deaths of soldiers, or the sudden, inexplicable deaths of whole colonies of bees, Juliet Patterson’s marvelous, wrenching lamentation recalls the forlorn desire and hopefulness in Paul Celan’s ‘Threadsuns.’ Terse, scary, heartfelt—such is this terrific book of poems.”   Ralph Angel


Epilogue (Spout Press, 2016) 


Entropy Best of 2016: Non-fiction

In Epilogue Juliet Patterson performs an act of intimate illumination as she narrates with poetic and visionary clarity the experience of her father’s death by suicide and her subsequent inquiry into his actions.  Epilogue explores the paradoxes inherent in mourning—its way of demanding privacy but also communion, interiority but also expression—with a stunning lyricism.


Elementary Rituals/Dirge (limited edition, Albion Books, 2013) with Rachel Moritz


Elementary Rituals/Dirge works like a sonnet that pursues the subject of death on the harshest level. A body is left behind on a bridge. A father who was not known well is dead. Like a sonnet, the book offers a turn between its two parts, a turn as material and as strange as the body: the reader continues from one work to the next by moving the book, that body of the word.” –Carolyn Wilkinson, Diagram



The Truant Lover (Nightboat Books, 2006)


“Juliet Patterson’s first collection of poems is a pastiche of American voices, a  well of poems with passages that hint and nod at past poets while remaining wholly their own. Patterson is a true rock star on the page, with poems ranging from broken syntax to the sparsest phrase to the Queen’s English. This is a highly philosophical book, one that does not flinch as it goes to the heart of who we are.” – Square One’s Dear Reader





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