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A Dream That Doesn’t Fit on Your Ballot

At the People’s Summit last month in Chicago, Naomi Klein praised Bernie Saunders for reshaping the debate over neoliberalism and so-called free trade agreements. “He forced Hillary to love to the left,” she said “and we also saw that Donald Trump had to throw out the rule book–the neoliberal rule book, trashed free trade agreements, promised to defend the social safety net to build his base. It wasn’t just racism that got him where he is, although that’s been a big part of it. So, you know, this ideology that has imprisoned our imagination for so long, that told us we could never get to this place, that our ideas had to be smuggled in under pseudonyms and, you know, under cover of night—right?—that all of that is not true, these ideas are deeply popular.”

This is the dream I’m not ready to let go of: the dream of a revolution in shifting our economy, our political and economic system away from one based on endless taking, endless extraction from the Earth as if there were no limit, the endless taking from worker’s bodies, from our communities, as if there is no breaking point, to a society that is grounded in that first principle of care taking, caring for the Earth and one another.

I’m talking about a fundamental shift in values for America. An ideological dream that doesn’t yet fit on a two-party ballot.