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Indiegogo Sinkhole Campaign a success

Sinkhole: A Natural History of a Suicide campaign ended yesterday, with 100% of funding goal reached. To say that I’m grateful for all contributions made is an understatement. I’m humbled and moved by the generosity of spirit and support that is alive and well within our community. Thank you everyone.

Special acknowledgment to Jane Green, Melanie Hoffert, Kristin Moritz and Wendy Lewis who all added generous contributions of energy and support. And also to Tracy Singleton and the Birchwood Cafe who contributed extra perks in the last days of the campaign.

And thank you to all the following individuals for their contributions.

Amy White, Jad Akins, Ann Avant, Ann McGaughan, Antoinette Coleman Barbara and Andy Schafer, Barbara Cohen, Ben Weaver, BK Loren, Camille Gage, Carolyn Toll Oppenheim, Caroyln Williams-Noren, Catherine Jones, Cecele Kraus, Chance Doucherty, Charles F. Clarke, Christine Baeumler, Christopher Title, Cindra Halm, Cynthia Lewis, Donna Partridge, Larrisa Dickey, Felicia Glidden, Gabrielle Civil, Guy Reed & Beth Humphrey, Frieda Gardner, Hannah Jensen, Jacquie Fuller, James Bettendorf, James Henderson, James Moore, Jane Green, Jeff Berstein, Josh Wallert, Judy George, June Blumenson, Judy Kirk, Karen Kopacz, Karen Schultz, Karla Brom, Karn Anderson, Katelynn Hibbard, Kathe Warneke, Katherine Pohlman, Kathy Peterson, Katie Leo, Katie Pearson, Kay Welsch, Ken Kressin, Kerrie Coborn, Kim Horecka, Kristin Moritz, Laura Didyk, Laura Stone, Laurie Brickley, Lisa Dooley, Lisa Jordan, Lisa Strayer, Lori Lahlum, Lynn Bird, Margaret Olivier, Marianne L. and Lisa L., Mary Ellen Kavanaugh, Mary Lewis, Mary Luddington, Mary Rita Nagan, MC Hyland, Megan Plumstead, Meghan Wilker, Melanie Hoffert, Mernet Larsen, Michael Kleber-Diggs, Monica Reede, Paul & Joanne Boblett, Penny Simison, Pitchaya Sudbanthad, Rauol Benavides, Rebecca Frost, Reed Miller, Robert Shepard, Rodney Hinkle, Sally Stevens, Sarah Saffian, Scott Bowman, Sharon Jacks, Steve Horwitz, Stu Abraham, Sue Crouse, Thor Eisentrager, Tracy Singleton, Vickie Fales, Victoria Van Slyke, Wendy Lewis, Wilbur Ince, and William Stobb.